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The production and planning module provides for accurate and efficient maintenance of product Bill of Materials BOM and process formulations (routing), thus achieving strict formula/recipe accuracy and accurate production costing data.

One important aspect of this module is the capabilities of product actual cost based on direct cost, and comparison to the product standard cost.
The production module provides a highly accurate product structure definition the same way the product is actually produced. This accuracy helps to monitor the issued materials needed for production and the actual number of hours used for production and finally the production costs. The multi-level BOM data is also utilized to generate Materials Requirement Plans MRP through exploding the Master Production Schedule MPS demands. Both MPS and MRP are generated at anytime according to business needs and  take all open orders into requirements netting calculation to generate a production plan and a purchasing plan.

The planning system allows changes to the plan according to customer needs or forecast changes as well as demand fluctuations due to marketing promotions or seasonality factors. The MRP can be generated anytime to reflect changes of order data, inventory status, or inventory policies thus ensuring that sufficient quantities of materials arrive on time at the plant to meet customer due dates.